Fire Alarm Monitoring, Richardson, TX

Get the Fire Department's Attention Immediately

Rely on us for fire alarm monitoring in Richardson, Frisco, Plano, Dallas, TX or the surrounding area

Fire can spread fast. In the right environment, it can tear through a property in minutes. To give the fire department as much time as possible to get to your facility in an emergency, turn to One Call Fire LLC. We offer 24/7 fire alarm monitoring in the Richardson, Frisco, Plano & Dallas, TX area. As soon as your alarms go off, we'll alert the fire department so you can focus on getting to safety.

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How can we help keep you safe?

Active fire sprinkler monitoring can give the fire department more time to get to your location. Those precious extra minutes can mean the difference between a little smoke damage and a charred interior. You can rest easy knowing that our pros will:

  • Monitor your system 24/7 from a UL Listed Central Station.
  • Take the appropriate action if the alarm trips at your facility.
  • Connect immediately to your local fire department.

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