Fire Suppression Systems, Richardson, TX

Be Prepared and Be Safe

Add a fire suppression system to your building in the Richardson, Frisco, Plano or Dallas, TX area

A small fire starts in your building's kitchen, then spreads to some spilled grease on the stove. You turn off the stove quickly and hope the fire doesn't grow despite your efforts.

This is a scary situation, but it's one you can prepare for. You can hire One Call Fire LLC to install a hood fire suppression system and add fire extinguishers to your building. We serve businesses in Richardson, Frisco, Plano, Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. Contact us right away to plan a fire suppression installation.

Prepare for an emergency anywhere in your building

While fires might be common risks in commercial kitchens, they can happen anywhere. We perform fire suppression installations in all kinds of spaces and buildings to ensure minimal harm and property damage in case of a fire. We have many options available to improve the fire safety of your area. Call 682-314-7576 now to consult our team about a fire suppression system.