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Don't Put Fire Safety on the Back Burner

You might hate the shrill sound of your fire alarm when someone burns popcorn in the break room, but you'll definitely appreciate it during an actual emergency. Without a working fire alarm, you might not notice a spreading fire until it's too late. But with comprehensive fire solutions from One Call Fire LLC, you can relax knowing your commercial property is prepared for anything.

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You'll benefit from our streamlined process

In the event of an emergency, you won't have time to deal with multiple fire companies. Fortunately, you can count on One Call Fire for all your fire response needs. We'll help you keep your property safe with prompt and professional:

Fire alarm installation services
Fire sprinkler installation services
Fire suppression systems installation services
Fire alarm design
Fire sprinkler installation
Fire sprinkler inspection
Fire sprinkler monitoring
24/7 fire alarm monitoring services

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Why should you choose One Call Fire?

One Call Fire has all your fire safety needs covered. We design and install custom alarms, sprinklers and suppression systems. We thoroughly inspect all your equipment to keep it up to code. And we monitor your systems 24/7 to keep your customers and employees safe during emergencies. Such a coordinated approach to fire and life safety allows for minimal disruption to your workday and maximum protection during a fire.

Note: One Call Fire is a company that uses licensed companies to perform service, installation, and monitoring services.

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